Immersive Technology Standards – Ethics and Awareness


The emerging digital technologies, from artificial intelligence to ingestible sensors, create various ethical challenges, which need to be considered by all stakeholders, including the scientists and engineers involved in their development.
What changes will the emerging technologies have on our minds and bodies? What effects will they have on our relationships with each other, our interaction with machines, and the state of the environment? Shaping the future for the best possible outcome is why defining digital ethics is an imperative for us today, and the challenge must be faced by building an aware and prepared industry and society.
It is wrong to rely on the caution and awareness of the single company or developer, and that is why we need to have ethical guidelines. Having a Universal XR standard covering the ethical field offers the unique opportunity to create an ethical filter in the digital transformation process for everyone and every organization involved in the process. Building ethical cultures in the emerging domains is stronger, and more durable, than regulation alone.