AWE 2021 Day Two: More on the Metaverse

ARPost reports on the Augmented World Expo 2021, back in person in Santa Clara (CA), highlighting the How to Safely Navigate the Metaverse panel (curated by XRSI and featuring our CEO, Kavya Pearlman) and the Shadows of the Emerging Worlds: Trust & Ethics in XR speech by our CyberXR Coalition president, Noble Ackerson.

Safety, Trust, and Ethical Design

A series of afternoon sessions explored identity in a different way, through the lens of ethics and safety. These included a panel discussion on safely navigating the metaverse led by the XR Safety Initiative founder Kavya Pearlman, and a session on trust led by Noble Ackerson.

The sessions discussed the importance of establishing safety in the context of this period of explosion that the industry is currently experiencing.