Who We Are

We are a collective of leaders, subject matter experts, and visionaries across industries and continents working to help build safe and inclusive experiences for children and adolescents using Extended Reality (XR) and the incoming Metaverse paradigm. Children start engaging with the internet and technology at a very young age without necessarily being aware of the risks associated with it. In the case of immersive experiences, young individuals are exposed to even additional challenges that should be addressed through a multidisciplinary approach.

We are committed to fostering the positive elements associated with the use of Extended Reality (XR) and protecting kids from risks associated with it. We believe children can explore immersive worlds as long as they have consistent safety, security, and privacy measures in place to safeguard their experiences. By supporting the XR ecosystem with standards, awareness programs, research, and innovation specially designed to safeguard children, we can prevent risks and harms in such experiences, and with that, we fulfill our mission of creating safe immersive environments in immersive worlds.

We also provide guidance to empower families, teachers, and policymakers around emerging technologies to be more active and decisive in their roles.


Calling all technology providers, parents, educators, government and industry leaders:

Thirty years of online safety have taught us much about the potential harms and risks that can exist online, and it is urgent that we take the lessons learned from the current iteration of the internet and address these issues proactively. We have seen how manipulative ads, trolls, predators, and a lack of accountability create the opportunity for behaviors that target children and fuel real life crimes such as bullying, violence, child pornography, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

Like you, we are also concerned and have a driving need to use our spheres of influence, skills, and passion to protect the interests and future of children worldwide. Help us be the first line of defense against the risks children will face when using Metaverse platforms and technologies by developing a unified framework and set of best practices.

Creating a collaborative Child Safety Framework can benefit both government and industry, if we all work together to research, develop and apply standards that ensure the well-being of children worldwide and uphold it in our spheres of influence. 

Step 1: Contact us to join workgroups creating a Child Safety Framework (these will start in 2023).

Step 2: Apply the Framework so that children can access the benefits of online platforms and technologies without fear or harm.


Would you like to join the initiative for Child Safety in XR?

XRSI’s Child Safety Initiative is growing and we welcome your contribution! Please reach out and help us build safer and healthier emerging technologies!