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Child Safety Initiative brings together thought leaders, subject matter experts, and visionaries to help build safe and inclusive experiences for children using Extended Reality (XR). Children start engaging with the internet and technology at a very young age without necessarily being aware of the risks associated with it. They can have access to inappropriate content, contact or easily be trapped into fraud transactions, phishing, virus and malware. In the case of immersive and augmented experiences, there are external hazards and a realistic component that may not suit all child users.

We at XRSI are committed to foster the positive elements associated with the use of Extended Reality (XR) and protect kids from risks associated with it.

We do this by conducting research, building standards, and establishing measures to keep kids safe in such worlds. We also provide guidance to empower families, teachers, and policymakers around emerging technologies to be more active and decisive in their roles.

Kavya PearlmanKavya PearlmanKavya Pearlman

Kavya Pearlman

Medical XR Advisor

Tamas Henning

Trust and Safety

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Captain Cuttle and The Quest for Virtual Safety!

On this adventure into Virtual Worlds together we will go on a Quest for Safety for all explorers. Together we will make sure everyone, even your friends and family, read the Explorer Notes so we can all play safe.


VR Safety Tips for Parents:
7 XRSI Recommendations

If you are a parent, a teacher, or a guardian, you may be confused about whether VR is safe for children. There are several ways for you to enable safe exploration of VR technology, with a key understanding in mind: It is your responsibility to guide your kids to facilitate safe, responsible, and healthy relationships with VR. With an objective to help facilitate safe exploration of VR for kids, XRSI has put together Top 7 Safety Tips for parents.



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How We’re Making an Impact

We believe children can explore immersive worlds as long as they have consistent safety, security, and privacy measures in place to safeguard their experiences. By supporting the XR ecosystem with standards, awareness programs, research, and innovation specially designed to safeguard children, we can prevent risks and harms in such experiences, and with that, we fulfill our mission of creating safe immersive environments in immersive worlds.