Captain Cuttle and The Quest for Virtual Safety!

Hiya! I’m Captain Cuttle. Come along with me on an adventure into brave new realities!

On this adventure into Virtual Worlds together we will go on a  Quest for Safety for all explorers. Together we will make sure everyone, even your friends and family, read the Explorer Notes so we can all play safe.

I’m a cuttlefish, and that means I’m the best in the business of changing how I look, which can come in handy when I need to hide from predators. Now that I have you on this adventure, we will do more than just cool camouflage tricks to make sure we  succeed on our Quest for Safety!

Let’s work together! As we go on this journey, we’ll make sure to follow these rules of virtual reality (VR) exploration, and tell our parents and friends about them, too! This way, we have a much better chance of succeeding… The best part is, together we will have a lot of fun along the way!

Download the hi-res infographic!