Kavya Pearlman at WEF’s Global Technology Governance Retreat

XRSI Founder and CEO, Kavya Pearlman, who is a key member of the Global Coalition for Digital Safety at the World Economic Forum (WEF) and part of its new Metaverse Initiative, is joining its Global Technology Governance Retreat in San Francisco between 21 and 23 June 2022.

“Behind every avatar — Kavya says — there is likely a human being. Therefore, when we extend reality into other dimensions and move fast towards the next iteration of the internet, we need to honor human nature and protect our consciousness and prevent harm from happening.”

The exponential nature of technological evolution often overwhelms existing institutions and organizations, leaving societies exposed to poorly understood risks and deprived of unprecedented opportunities.

In the wake of escalating geopolitical conflicts, a climate crisis spiraling out of control, and a global economy rattled by the aftershocks of a historic pandemic, adopting shared principles and safeguards for the use of exponential technologies and advancing their implementation is more important – yet also more difficult – than ever before.

At this critical juncture, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution will convene its global network of business leaders, start-up entrepreneurs, innovators, policy-makers, experts, and civil society representatives for a three-day community retreat to review strategic priorities, foster trusted partnerships, and advance flagship initiatives.

21-23 June 2022

Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, San Francisco, CA

World Economic Forum