Building Responsible, Safe, and Inclusive Extended Reality Ecosystems (the Metaverse)


XRSI Recommendations for the Biden-Harris Administration

The United States is facing the unprecedented challenge of building responsible, safe, and inclusive XR and Metaverse related Information and Communication Technology ecosystems.

We need pragmatic policy decisions and governance frameworks that help build responsibility, safety, and inclusion for new and emerging fields of XR technologies (an umbrella term for AR/VR/MR). With the pandemic catalyzing and fueling the growth and adoption of these technologies, we need to pause and reflect: if we are going to extend realities via the immersive domain of XR, what kind of world will we wish to create?

Lawmakers must proactively address the issue of privacy and data protection while enabling responsible research and innovation. This area is particularly relevant today as our dependency on smart technologies grows, and we embrace immersive and emerging technologies to build the future.