The XRSI Definitions of Extended Reality (XR)


X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI) releases the first set of standard definitions and taxonomies for the immersive technologies and related domains. The document sets the common baseline for a shared vocabulary in the industry, marking the first step in the creation of a full Data Classification Framework, therefore, is not to be considered complete. Additional taxonomies and new publications are to be added continually.

XRSI standards are based on best practices from several research documents, organizations, and publications, and are designed to serve as a baseline for XR and related domains. XRSI guidelines are strategically developed to help bridge the gap identified due to lack of standards and guidelines and help XR stakeholders align on the fundamentals, to allow the focus on the innovation.

XRSI-001 and upcoming XRSI documentary standards specify definition of terms; classifications of components; delineation of procedures; specification of dimensions, materials, processes, products, systems, services or practices; test methods and sampling procedures, etc.

You can also navigate the definitions here, for maximum accessibility.

XRSI Standard Publications include many of the referenced material cited within the documents. Any other similarities with our work are purely coincidental due to the nature of the research itself. If you have feedback or suggestion, please send those to referencing the publication name.