DIMH2021: Cybersecurity Live Panel – The Dream Team with Kavya Pearlman

In this panel, Alissa Knight, Kavya Pearlman, Debbie Reynolds, Pia Tesdorf, and Martin Smith, world-class experts in ethical hacking, cybersecurity, data protection, and more, guide us through the latest insights in the emerging world.

Through these multiple lenses, we hear many things, such as: How hacking has evolved over time, what the latest threats are related to FHIR API vulnerabilities, while also witnessing different viewpoints on whether privacy is dead or whether it is something still worth fighting to the death for. Panelists also bring in personal perspectives about the importance of mental health and wellbeing, whether it be from a perspective of working within cybersecurity, or when trying to build a global cybersecurity culture within digital mental health spaces.

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