Ray-Ban Stories could’ve saved your life if Facebook hadn’t ruined it

Our CEO and Founder, Kavya Pearlman, has been interviewed by Nick Sutrich from Android Central regarding the release of the latest Facebook product, the “Ray-Ban Stories” smart glasses.

“While it’s easy enough for many people to spend a lot of time thinking about the privacy, safety, or security implications of smart-connected glasses, Kavya Pearlman, founder and information security researcher at XRSI, is in the business of doing just that. XRSI, also known as the XR Safety Initiative, is a not-for-profit organization designed to “help build safe and inclusive experiences so that XR stakeholders are able to make informed decisions.”

People like Pearlman can help guide Facebook along the right path by assisting them in adhering to the list of standards created specifically with XR in mind. If you’ve not heard of the term XR before, it simply refers to anything that falls within the AR, VR, or related fields, including connected smart glasses like Ray-Ban Stories.

Pearlman previously worked at Facebook and said she’s had her own experiences over the years (both good and bad) relating to personal safety and privacy. But what piqued my interest was a particular post she shared on Twitter that was rather eye-opening.

What if, instead of focusing on privacy alone, we also focused on the security merits that smart glasses can bring? People spend so much time thinking of the first part of the conversation that they often never make it to the second half.”