Kavya Pearlman and April Boyd-Noronha at Berkeley University

UC Berkeley Masters of Engineering Student Affinity Group [Inclusive Technology] Hosted a Safety and Inclusion in Emerging Technologies Webinar. Graduate students were invited to join the conversation and participate in this campaign to help build safe worlds.

In this talk, Kavya Pearlman and April Boyd-Noronha discussed Safety and Inclusion in Emerging Technologies.

When we look to sci-fi from decades ago, we see post-racial and post-gender societies. Emerging technologies are effectively shaping our present and our future into something new, but the gender gap and minority exclusion still remain in the tech industries.

As the emerging technologies develop and evolve, the industry has an opportunity to actively address the human side of what’s brewing beneath the surface of our very existence – the impact and dire consequences of the lack of inclusion, equity, and accessibility in all the facets of our lives. The biases displayed in the headlines covering the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor cases are in fact the same biases that go into data sets and moderation tools that put people of color and historically marginalized populations at risk in immersive environments as well.

In this webinar, XRSI Founder & CEO, Kavya Pearlman, and XRSI Diversity & Inclusion Adviser, April Boyd-Noronha discuss their unique approach to helping build safe and inclusive emerging technologies ecosystems, while shifting the mindset to create awareness of these very issues and draw a baseline via standards and frameworks to potentially provide solutions coupled with strategic collaboration.