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Project Manager: MedXRSI


Volunteer Position XRSI Medical Council (medXRSI)
Volunteer Position Project Manager
Purpose Oversee the safe development and completion of MedXRSI Privacy and Safety Framework Development project within given constraints
Date 1st May
Hours 6-8 hours/week
Location Virtual
Reporting to Strategic Matters: Kavya Pearlman
Operational Matters: Bhanujeet Choudhary

XR represents an unprecedented potential for healthcare innovation, but we need to establish trust between patients and healthcare providers just like we did in making financial transactions a non-issue for people. Our collective challenge is to clearly define the data, ensure people can feel a sense of ownership over it, and put forth means to exchange that data so that it gets where it needs to go without any risk of patient harm or abuse. In short, establish TRUST between Patients and Providers just like we did with online financial transactions.

Since XR healthcare is in its infancy, we may have a window of opportunity to build something new from the ground up – together!

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Spearhead framework development efforts.
  • Identify framework development priorities and goals, develop and implement strategies to achieve them, and revisit them regularly to assess progress and modify approaches.
  • Work closely with XRSI and MedXRSI leads, advisers, council members, the research community, and other teams.
  • Schedule deadlines to achieve project goals in a timely manner.
  • The Project Manager has to work closely with the Social Media Manager and the Outreach Manager, to reach project milestones.
  • Curate and execute monthly project-specific workshops.
  • Validate project progress with real-world research and experts from various domains like Medical XR/VR practitioners, patients, educators, policymakers, etc., and build countermeasures.
  • Provide a regular project overview and progress report to project stakeholders
  • Help build a plan to create a network of researchers across the globe to work on framework development.
  • Coordinate community efforts towards framework development.
  • Schedule deadlines to achieve project goals in a timely manner.
  • Delegate tasks to maximize productivity and avoid burnout.
  • Anticipate framework development shortfalls and develop a strategy accordingly.
  • Act as a key thought partner, brainstorming & identifying solutions to challenges.
  • Ensure consistency and quality of work with MedXRSI Council’s best practices and principles.
  • Provide general communications support: drafting emails, reports, memos, internal and external communications, and presentations.
  • Perform miscellaneous activities as required to carry out the role effectively.

Volunteer Details

Experience & Qualifications  

  • Must be 18 years or older  
  • Interest in issues of online privacy, safety, inclusion, accessibility and ethics
  • Be confident speaking to new people

Skills & Competencies  

  • Trustworthy, friendly, and approachable  
  • Ability to connect with new people and groups across a range of demographics
  • Ability to manage multiple initiatives or tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to manage difficult situations in a sensitive manner  
  • Exhibits flexibility, initiative, and strong communication skills  
  • Must enjoy collaboration and working in a team environment
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Strong orientation toward achieving results, attention to detail, and proven ability to drive toward long-term goals
  • Unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety, privacy, and inclusivity of citizens in the Metaverse

Benefits (non-monetary)

  • Learn about the XR domain and its intersection with various technologies, including conferences, events, and research
  • Learning to use online platforms and software for productivity and program management used by XRSI and other similar industries
  • Interacting with professionals and experienced individuals in the XR domain, including the XRSI team to Advisors and Volunteers
  • Opportunities to contribute to various research initiatives for the development of frameworks and standards
  • Access to internal resources, research, and knowledge base
  • Free access to future certifications by XRSI