“Seeing is no longer believing!” XRSI Founder & CEO Kavya Pearlman Testifies at FTC

October 14, 2022, Kavya Pearlman, Founder & CEO of XRSI, testified at the Federal Trade Commission’s Commercial Surveillance and Data Security Public Forum today. Despite being allocated only 120 seconds to speak, Kavya chose to utilize the “show don’t just tell” strategy to make her message count. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the live-stream video froze, resulting in a less than ideal outcome.

During her testimony, Kavya presented three key recommendations on behalf of XRSI’s 150 advisors and team:

  1. The introduction of special data type considerations for inferred data associated with VR, AR, Neurotechnologies, and the Metaverse technologies, in order to correctly identify data classifications and appropriate security and privacy stances.
  2. The inclusion of anti-competitive data consolidation practices and the use of privacy-enhancing technologies.
  3. The ban of coding for addictive engagement for all consumers, especially young people or those under 18.

XRSI hopes that the FTC will take proactive steps to address these risks and reduce the harm that cannot be compensated to Americans by building safeguards around these ubiquitous converging technologies. They plan to submit detailed recommendations via the RFC process.


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Kavya Pearlman | Founder and CEO of XRSI – XR Safety Initiative
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