X Reality Safety Initiative (XRSI) Rebrands to X Reality Safety Intelligence: A Renewed Commitment to Safeguarding Emerging Realities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 1st, 2023 — X Reality Safety Initiative (XRSI), a leading non-profit organization globally recognized for advocating safety, privacy, security, and inclusion in the domain of emerging technology, today unveils a significant brand evolution. This transformation reinforces its commitment to protecting emerging realities through intelligence gathering and rigorous research. Transitioning to X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI), the rebrand symbolizes an organizational pivot in its approach. The rebranding signifies that the initiative has transformed into a global movement, requiring the power of human intelligence and detailed research to guarantee a safe and inclusive technological evolution worldwide.

“Our transformation into XRSI – The Human Intelligence in the Loop, embodies our collective obligation and united strength in building trust and fortifying our digital landscapes,” states Kavya Pearlman, the founder & CEO of XRSI. “We stand at a crucial crossroads where emerging technologies such as AI, VR/AR/MR, and BCI are redefining our world and increasingly automating it. It’s imperative that our network of human intelligence remains vigilant, informed, and actively involved. We are a passionate community deeply concerned about humanity, thoroughly studying the impacts of decisions being made to advance emerging technologies on both individuals and societies. We are the individuals who care deeply and comprehend the consequences of our choices. We are XRSI.”

Founded in 2019 by cybersecurity luminary Kavya Pearlman, XRSI has been a beacon of knowledge and guidance in the uncharted territories of immersive and emerging technologies. Today, with its 200+ global advisors, the organization advises over 60 governments and provides oversight to numerous Metaverse-related technology companies and open-source efforts.

In an era where trust is diminishing and the consultancy industry often falls short, XRSI’s commitment to promoting mutual understanding and collective intelligence has become increasingly crucial. By emphasizing the importance of a dedicated human intelligence network and empowering communities and governments with informed solutions, XRSI fortifies our digital future.

Valentino Megale, President of XRSI-Europe, the European counterpart headquartered in Italy, states, “For a well-balanced, secure, and inclusive technological advancement, we need the commitment and vision of XRSI. Innovation should not be solely driven by technology alone. It is the fusion of human values, such as European values or the human rights that must shape our advancements. XRSI recognizes this essential aspect, ensuring that our digital future is driven by the distinctive qualities and principles that define us as humans.”

This brand evolution marks a pivotal moment in XRSI’s journey towards embracing new realities. The evolving identity represents the organization’s unwavering dedication to remaining at the forefront of knowledge, safeguarding humans and societies in the immersive and emerging technology space, and fostering trust within our rapidly transforming tech ecosystem.

From Left to Right – Kavya Pearlman (Founder & CEO), Julia Scott (MedicalXR Council Lead), Elizabeth Rothman (Advisor), Oz Sultan (Advisor)

The announcement was made on 1st Jun’23 at Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2023, Santa Clara, California by our Founder and CEO Kavya Pearlman. To learn more about X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI) and join the mission to create a safe and inclusive digital future, reach out to us.

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