XRSI Welcomes April Boyd-Noronha as Interim CEO as the Founder & CEO, Kavya Pearlman Steps Away on Maternity Leave 

San Francisco (USA), January 30th, 2023 – XRSI – X Reality Safety Intelligence is a 501(c)(3) global non-profit Standards Developing Organization (SDO) promoting privacy, safety, security, and ethics in immersive and emerging technologies. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States and Torino, Italy in Europe, XRSI is the world’s leading organization dedicated to providing intelligence and advisory services and we are delighted to share a key leadership update. As the founder and CEO, Kavya Pearlman, steps away for a well-deserved maternity leave, April Boyd-Noronha, a prominent member of our board and our Global Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, has been appointed as the Interim CEO for a minimum of six-month period.

April Boyd-Noronha, a luminary on our board and the Global Diversity & Inclusion Advisor at XRSI, will be assuming the role of interim CEO for the next six months. This strategic move aligns with our ethos of promoting safety, privacy, security, and responsible innovation in the tech ecosystem.

“I am deeply honored to step in as Interim CEO of XRSI, a role I accept with immense gratitude to Kavya Pearlman and our team. Kavya’s trust and vision have been a guiding light, and I am committed to nurturing the path she has set forth for XRSI. Together, we’ve pioneered safety and inclusion in the emerging tech ecosystem. I am excited to lead us during this special time for the XRSI family supporting Kavya’’s journey to motherhood. I look forward to building on our strong foundation with heartfelt dedication and unwavering focus in support of the incredibly impactful work of XRSI.” – April Boyd-Noronha, Board Member and Interim-CEO

April’s expertise and leadership, particularly in fostering diversity and inclusion, are vital assets to XRSI. Her vision resonates with our global initiatives, including the Medical XR Advisory Council, Child Safety Initiative, and CyberXR Coalition.

Together, these programs and initiatives underscore XRSI’s commitment to leading the forefront of immersive and emerging technologies with a focus on safety, privacy, and ethics. Under April Boyd-Noronha’s leadership, we are poised to enhance our impact and further solidify our role as pioneers in immersive and emerging technologies. Her tenure as Interim CEO is a testament to XRSI’s dedication to embracing dynamic leadership and ensuring the organization’s robust progression.

Kavya Pearlman, who has been the beacon of XRSI’s mission and vision since its inception, looks forward to the new chapter with complete confidence in April’s leadership. Kavya expresses gratitude and enthusiasm as she invites the community to welcome April in this new role. In Kavya’s own words, 

“As I prepare to embrace the joys of motherhood, I am leaving XRSI in the most capable hands. April Boyd-Noronha, with her long-standing commitment and versatile contributions to XRSI, as the inaugural President of the CyberXR Coalition, XRSI’s Global D&I Advisor, and an esteemed Executive Board Member, embodies the leadership and vision essential for guiding our organization forward. Her dedication has been a driving force in our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and safety in technology, making her the ideal steward of XRSI’s mission in my absence.” – Kavya Pearlman, Founder & CEO

We invite the community to congratulate Kavya on this new journey and to support our new CEO, April Boyd-Noronha, alongside the executive board during this transition to continue advancing the XRSI mission. 

Join us in welcoming April Boyd-Nornonha to this crucial role. Her tenure marks a new chapter in XRSI’s journey toward fostering a safer, more inclusive, and innovative technological future.


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