Introducing X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI)

Building TRUST with Human Intelligence in the Loop

As emerging technologies continue to reshape our world, we at XRSI have chosen to embrace this exciting future head-on. We’re thrilled to announce our evolution from X Reality Safety Initiative to X Reality Safety Intelligence. This transformation isn’t just a change in name—it’s our renewed commitment to harnessing human intelligence and safeguarding the rapidly evolving digital landscapes. At XRSI, we’re steadfast in our dedication to safety, privacy, security, human rights, and responsible innovation, prioritizing the welfare of individuals and society as we help shape the future of technology.”

10-15 DECEMBER 2023

A week full of events, ideas, and people

Helping build safe immersive environments

X Reality Safety Intelligence – XRSI – is viewed by many stakeholders as a necessary component of proactively anticipating and addressing the cybersecurity challenges faced by globally dispersed researchers when establishing baseline standards and discovering novel cyber attacks in emerging technologies.


Fostering a healthy research cyberinfrastructure ecosystem

Encouraging policy coordination

Resolving financial barriers to research

Establishing Safety and Ethics standards

The XRSI Privacy and Safety Framework

Version 1.0

XR Industry is moving fast, so is the urgency to create standards, guidelines, and awareness for XR stakeholders. Recent news about data, privacy, and safety concerns are growing as the technological advancements take place. To address this urgent XRSI is releasing a novel Privacy and Safety Framework version 1.0.

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The Cyber-XR Coalition is here

A Diversity & Inclusion Effort by XRSI.

The coalition brings together D&I-focused leading organizations to advance diversity and inclusion
within the fields of XR and Cybersecurity.


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