Announcement of new partnership to bridge the digital gap between Brussels and Silicon Valley: Friends of Europe and XRSI

Brussels, San Francisco, October 20 – The X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI) is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Friends of Europe, a think tank based in Brussels. The two organizations are joining forces to create a safer, more inclusive and human rights-based metaverse. As the EU Commission continues to pay more attention to the metaverse, it is crucial that security evolves alongside technology. With the potential to disrupt industries such as healthcare, real estate, engineering, and military, it’s important to address the potential risks, such as malware attacks and data breaches.

XRSI and Friends of Europe will work to create a platform for dialogue between Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, EU regulators, and Washington DC policymakers on XR safety. This new partnership will explore innovative policy solutions for transatlantic regulation of the metaverse and advocate for the protection of cross-border data transfers, IP protection, privacy rights, and more.

On November 17, XRSI’s Founder & CEO, Kavya Pearlman, will be a key speaker at Friends of Europe’s Peace, Security & Defence Summit to evaluate the game changers for or against Europe in the metaverse. Additionally, a panel on December 15 will be moderated by Chris Kremidas-Courtney, a Senior Fellow for Peace, Security & Defence at Friends of Europe, to discuss policymaking and governance in virtual reality. This partnership will promote policies to safeguard democracy, equality, inclusion, and the rule of law in XR.

Through events, articles and other initiatives, Friends of Europe and XRSI will raise awareness about the opportunities and risks in our digital future and work to bring about positive change. Stay tuned for updates from this exciting partnership!