UN-ESCWA becomes the first UN agency to adopt Metaverse Safety Week Global Awareness Campaign: Announced during Arab SME Summit in Amman, Jordan

Amman (Jordan), San Francisco (United States), November 1st, 2022 – A new hope for Human Rights in the Metaverse emerges as the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN-ESCWA) adopts Metaverse Safety Week, an annual global awareness campaign led by X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI) that brings the world together to safeguard the Metaverse. XRSI’s Global Digital Policy Advisor, Kristina Podnar, made the announcement at the Arab SME Summit in the presence of global regulators and members of the Jordanian Royal Family.

UN-ESCWA is one of five regional commissions under the United Nations Economic and Social Council’s jurisdiction and promotes Western Asia’s economic and social development through regional and subregional cooperation and integration. XRSI is a San Francisco-based nonprofit Standard Development Organization (SDO) focused on helping build safe and inclusive emerging technology ecosystems.

Kristina Podnar, XRSI’s Global Digital Policy Advisor, noted that “the Metaverse is one of the most talked about modern technology concepts. As we look forward to activities that range from leisure and gaming to professional and commercial interactions, financial transactions, or even health interventions, we cannot shy away from the corresponding tough conversations around data protection and cybersecurity, ownership, misuse, interoperability, and portability. I am delighted that XRSI is facilitating conversations across sectors which will move all of us beyond talk and into action.” 

With the focus on bringing the world together and proactively addressing the Metaverse-related risk impacting humans and societies, XRSI celebrates the third annual awareness campaign between Dec 10th and Dec 15th. The Metaverse Safety Week is created and promoted by XRSI with these key focus agendas:

  • Encourage the Metaverse stakeholders, such as organizations, governments, academics, creators, and global citizens, to adopt the intervention for safety awareness by organizing conferences, meetups, and webinars, conducting internal employee awareness training, issuing transparency reports, digital asset distribution for promoting safety or making pledges related to safeguarding the Metaverse.
  • Help Governments, Big Tech, Academia, Think Tanks, Civic Organizations, and Communities worldwide understand how they can combine resources and play leadership roles to stay ahead of the challenges that the Metaverse brings along.
  • Create a better and safer Metaverse for all by spreading awareness and promoting policies, guidelines, safety frameworks, and research.

Kavya Pearlman, the XRSI CEO, notes that “Metaverse brings new economic opportunities and enables several profound innovations to life but also brings along safety, privacy, and ethical risks. Each year before the holidays, the world must come together to ensure that we engage with the Metaverse technologies with safety, security, and human rights at the forefront. By dedicating an entire week to various themes, XRSI intends to create a reflection point on the safety and trust aspects of Metaverse technologies.”

Metaverse Safety Week 2022 – December 10th-15th, 2022

The 2022 virtual event is a week-long event that commences on the 74th Human Rights Day, 10th December, at a unique virtual venue, with rich and immersive experiences crafted explicitly for the occasion. Metaverse Safety Week features a global agenda with sessions, social moments, panels, and live interviews this year. 

The Metaverse Safety Week focuses on building an open, inclusive, safe Metaverse by inviting the ecosystem stakeholders to connect, collaborate, and share their research, knowledge, and passion. Any organization can adopt the awareness campaign to create their own programming or support the XRSI-led campaign by submitting requests to speak, conduct a panel or create a parallel event altogether. The Metaverse Safety Week awareness campaign is a community-driven global movement for responsible innovation, better regulations, and more profound knowledge of the world we are immersing in. 


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Marco Magnano | Communication Director
XR Safety Initiative – XRSI